boy (floodsofmemory) wrote in lingua_skype,

speckled blue eyelashes

Name: Hunter
Age: Blackjack - 2
Location: NY
Languages spoken: English (mother tongue), Spanish (-1 yr of trying really hard :heh:)
Languages studied: Hebrew (3 yrs, long time ago), French (same as previous), Latin (eight painful rotations of the sun)
Languages learning: Spanish
Favourite spots visited: Kaua'i, Hawai'i; Havana, Cuba; Puerto Rico
Favourite city: I really like the throbbing, structured grime of my hometown, but I'd like to visit more places.
6 things you love like alot: running through sprinklers, breeze flowing through your hair, a great sleeping, that feeling of connecting with someone during a good conversation/day/time in bed
4 things you hate dislike immensely:
cracking gum, obnoxious (americans), not knowing how to get your feelings across/not knowing how to perceive other's actions, bananas
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