Seumas Jeltzz Macdonald (jeltzz) wrote in lingua_skype,
Seumas Jeltzz Macdonald

name: Seumas (Skype: jeltzz)

age: 28

location: Sydney, Australia

languages spoken: English

languages learning: German, French, Scottish Gaelic, Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Latin

favourite country: Guatemala

favourite city: Sydney

5 things you love: languages! history, literature, chocolate, coffee

5 things you hate: broken-urls, impatience, prejudice, poverty, bad coffee

I'm particularly interested in talking to anyone in Anc. Greek and Latin, I know most people study these languages just to read them, but I have a strong interest in speaking them. I'd also happily give any of the other languages a go, but I'm quite a beginner in most of them. I'm happy to talk to anyone though.
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